Friday, May 23, 2014

Etsy Craft Party 2014

Every year, in June, Etsy celebrates it's birthday with themed craft parties, which are hosted by etsy teams, all over the world.
This year, craft party's suggested theme is "Recapture: Bring New Meaning to Old Photographs".
With this great step-by-step guide, I decided to embroidery one of my favorite photos:

In this photo, my daughter Myrsini (4 years old), is photographed in January 2011, by my husband Stamatis, in Nafplio, one of the most beautiful cities of Greece.
So, I thought I could "illustrate" her thoughts, with needle & thread:

Step 1: sketch

Step 2: needle & color threads

Step 3: poke holes with the needle

Step 4: Embroidering!

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