Unique jewelry, with precious or rare materials, covered with resin (liquid glass):

Pendant with ivory flower, on a dark red background

Ivory inlay

Greek 5 cent coin, from 1912, carved by C. Pillet, on a blue background

Rings with real baby urchin shells, on white, aqua or turquoise blue background

Ring with real seashell, on a coral background

Pendant and rings with seashells, on a coral background

Pendant with white seashells, on an aqua background

Pendant bases are made by silver plated pewter (lead & nickel free).

You can choose from 2 sizes:
1) Large square: 3,5 Χ 3,5 εκ.
 2) Large rectangular (domino size): 4,8 Χ 2,4 εκ.

The necklace can be a silver plated chain (lead & nickel free), 60 or 77 cm, 
or a black cord or a matching color cord

Rings are also made by silver plated pewter (lead & nickel free), adjustable, with a 2 X 2 cm setting

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