Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creating a "chroma" ring

Today is chroma's 1st birthday!
So, it's a nice opportunity to show you how I create a "chroma" ring:

1. First, I paint the ring base with enamel:

2. The next day, when the enamel is dry, I add: 
-one layer of ice resin (liquid glass), 
-then, the decorative inlay (so that it looks like it "floats" in the ring)
-then, a final layer of resin:

3. I use a straw to spread the resin evenly and to bring the bubbles on the surface:

4.With aheat gun, I pop the bubbles:

5. I also use a lighter to pop the remaining bubbles 
(carefully, because too much heat can "burn" the resin):

I repeat these last 3 steps continuously for an hour, because new bubbles keep coming on the surface

6. I use a plastic bowl to cover the ring, because resin attracts dust, hair etc.:

7. In 24-36 hours the new ring is ready to be put in the gift bag!

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