Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY project: Christmas ornaments

Yesterday, we decorated our family christmas tree with our handmade Christmas ornaments:

Christmas Tree
1) First, I drew the outlines on green, red, brown and white pieces of felt.
 2) Then, I cut the figures: a tree, a star, a gingerbread man, an angel.

3) I sewed the details: beads on the tree and the star, eyes, mouth and buttons on the gingerbread, eyes and mouth on the angel.
4) The two sides of each ornament were sewed with embroidery thread, using the "blanket stitch":

blanket stitch

5) I left one side unsewn and filled the ornament with a big cotton ball.
6) Then, I finished sewing the contour. On the upper part of each ornament I sewed a piece of ribbon, to hang from the tree.


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